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Google’s battery app is now in the Play Store as ‘Device Health Services’

Google’s battery app is now in the Play Store as ‘Device Health Services’ while continuing the “rage” of shifting more apps, services and products out of the OS and into the Play Store. We’ve noticed it occur with such things as the Dialer, Google Keyboard (now Gboard), Google Assistant etc. Now, the Pixel and Nexus battery app is moving into that space as well. The app Device Health Services is now appearing up within the Play Store and people with older handset are now starting to see it as well.


The app predicts how lengthy your telephone’s battery will ultimately last with your utilization. There’s only one feature; “Personalized battery usage estimates”. Not essentially the most thrilling app on earth. However, it’s something that users will like. It’s definitely a win for everybody concerned. Maybe some enhancements in the near future?

For those that will want to install the application, you may want to note; It may not be available in your country. Like anything Google, it doesn’t always launch everywhere at the same time.

Google Device Health Service 3 Google’s battery app is now in the Play Store as ‘Device Health Services’ - Android News & All the Bytes

Source: Google Play store

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