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Nomad Universal Usb-C 4-In-1 Cryovex Android Martin Guay

NOMAD’s introduction to the world of Universal USB-C cables

NOMAD’s introduction to the world of Universal USB-C cables is wrecking what we know about cables. This is by far a very good thing, why have multiple cables if you can have the versatility of being truly universal? This is where NOMAD Universal USB-C cable comes in!

DividerYou’re getting a 2 for 1! I’ve got the latest releases from NOMAD right here on Android news and all the bytes and to kick things off I’ll introduce NOMAD Universal USB-C to USB-A, Lightning and Micro USB the 1FT version of the cable.

The length of this cable is perfect for the people like me that will shove the battery pack with my phone in my pockets or the backpack.

Nomad Universal Cable Usb-C

The cable is fitted to operate at 20AWG which translates into “made for fast charging” devices. The core is 4X stronger with its kevlar base ensuring the core is can take some abuse. The cable can also be used for syncing with your computer or laptop and perform at it’s optimum due to the 2X RF shield. Ensuring that everything lasts a very long time we have the double durable PVC jacket which is covered with an ultra-rugged nylon jacket.

Nomad Universal Cable Usb-C Specs

Alright, so what does this all mean in none tech language? It will last long, it’s durable, use it for everything you need when it comes to transferring files or charging devices with.

Next up in the same line is the 4-in-1 USB-C 3FT cable. What does this one have? It’s USB-C to USB-C with 2 adapters, one for USB-A and one for Micro USB. You get four possible combinations, had they also included lightning… Mindblown!

Nomad Universal Cable Usb-C

This cable is also made of the same material composition as noted right above but, what’s mentioned the Univeral C-C is wrapped in a 500D Nylon woven in ballistic weave pattern which can take well over 10 000 flexes.

What is this all going to cost you? The Universal C-C is going for $29.95 USD this is the 3FT cable which is available HERE.

The Univeral USB-A to C 1FT cable will run you at $29.95 USD as well for which you can get yourself one HERE.

Often, universal cables that are compatible with the different types of devices aren’t up to par when it comes to quality, cost, durability and functionality. NOMAD has always strived to give the best to its consumers and there’s no exception here neither. These 2 will be replacing some single function cables I currently in my set.

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Nomad'S Introduction To The World Of Universal Usb-C Cables - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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