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RFID Blocking wallet’s are a dime a dozen however… Miika!

Who needs a wallet? We all do, we all carry some form of cards. Did you know that it’s actually now just as easy to brush pass someone and skim your tap and pay cards? Tap & Pay doesn’t require you to actually do anything besides tapping it on a terminal to make a purchase.

Miika is a wallet with a RFID blocker inside it. Most cards such as bank cards and credit card operate at a 13.56MHz which is what the RFID blocker will handle. It won’t handle things like access cards, ID badges, hotel room key and the likes as it operates at 125KHz. RFID Blocking wallet

It provides a slim, minimalist and sleek looking wallet that’s trendy with men and women. With the ability to hold up to 7 cards and some cash, this makes one of the smallest I’ve used. In size; 4.25” X 3.1”, and only 0.12” thick.

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Miika crosshatched slim leather walletI’ve got my banking card, my MasterCard, my bus transit pass, a building pass, an ID, some other form of identification and some insurance papers. The typical stuff a guy would need. I got the Crosshatched Leather version of the wallet as it looked like it could be manhandled.

Women can even make use of this as well, why not ditch the purse? Ok, I might have pushed a bit on that one, I know most women have a need to carry different things with them.

The company stand firmly behind this product by giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get a full refund back. Just send it back to them! Amazon Canada has it for $10.99. If you order right now you get it at 50% off, kind of hard to pass on something that works as intended and gives you a minimalist look vs the bulky traditional wallet.

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