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A review of Sony’s XPERIA XZ Premium is coming up in just a short few weeks, but what can you expect right now?

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Sony announced on Thursday that the Xperia XZ Premium would be hitting Amazon Canada early September, which has left some people scrambling wondering if a carrier partner is available. Being that the device is $699 USD we can expect that the Canadian version of the device will be roughly in the range of $1000. It’s not too big of a stretch.

Reports are coming in that Amazon Canada will carry the American variant of the device with the fingerprint scanner disabled. However, on the Sony website it’s a much different story since they do advertise the fingerprint scanner to the Canadian market. It’s been noted that the fingerprint sensor althought it’s advertised on the Sony website, the variant being sold on Amazon Canada will have it disabled.


What can you expect of Sony’s flagship in Canada?


Sony Xperia XZ Premium spec Canada Android Coliseum Cryovex 2

If we dig a bit deeper for some other information will also note that the device will carry a 3230 mAh battery with Sony’s QNOVO tech as well as support QC 3.0. S-Force Front Surround gives you the experience of a natural three-dimensional sound field – so you can enjoy virtual surround sound with your two front speakers which is something that’s been missing from Sony’s XA1 line of devices.