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Ultra-thin white low profile combo for any minimalist that fancies style!

I’ve been trying out several RGB gaming keyboards and mouse combo over the course of last 6 months. I thought this time was time to get something that would be more sleek, more modern and office like. This is the TopMate KM9000 keyboard/mouse combo in sleek white.

Ultra-Thin White Low Profile Combo For Any Minimalist That Fancies Style! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

The first thing that caught my attention was the sleek white look that it gave. Of course, this isn’t for my home, but more so for the office. This would look great in a modern office or condo living which gives off an urban vibe.

I like to keep things affordable and cheap while getting the best quality out of a product. The KM9000 combo comes in just under $40 on Amazon Canada at $39.98. The price point is just right for this type of gear. The next thing I look for is the make and in this case, it comes from TopMate which are known for pretty decent products.

The real test comes from the use of the keyboard and the mouse combination on a desktop PC, laptop and even on an Android device. I like to keep my options open. This device operates with a 2.4GHz wireless dongle which will work with almost anything. If you have an OTG capable device you can even use this with an Android smartphone or tablet.

The keys don’t require much pressure to register, although the key press weight isn`t mentioned, I can tell you that it’s doing just fine while I’m writing this article. I didn’t need much of learning curve to start using this at my normal typing past, where I did need to adjust was the keys for things like; Insert, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, Backspace we’re located.

Topmate Km9000 Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Review Cryovex

The keyboard doesn’t have an off switch, it does, however, turn itself off after a short period of time I can confirm that it takes about a minute to two minutes of inactivity before it goes off, this can be noted with the green power light turning itself off.

The mouse features 4 buttons, you have the standard left, right, middle click with the wheel and the fourth one appears to be the button that controls the DPI level. Testing out the middle button does indeed trigger a different DPI level. You’ll be able to note the laser is red on this mouse, I was hoping it would be a blue laser.

On the downside, the mouse offers a very low profile for the hand which doesn’t give it that ergonomic standard full featured mouse and could eventually lead to straining.

On a closing note the keyboard/mouse combo from TopMate works as designed, easy, reliable and priced just at the right place would make a great addition for anyone looking to compliment their desk.

Ultra-Thin White Low Profile Combo For Any Minimalist That Fancies Style! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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