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RND Type-C 6fT Cable USB3.1-cryovex

USB-C with USB 3.1 features that begs to be abused

By now, I’m sure everyone knows I’ve got plenty of Type-C USB cables and not all of them are on point when it comes to being spot on for specs. Typical cables don’t seem to last long with the average consumer and we tend to go out of our way to get the cheapest we can find, which isn’t always the smartest idea.

RND has produced their our Type-C cable and it’s a solid cable to use for charging your devices, but it doesn’t stop there. The cable is USB 3.1 compliant and you get all the bells in whistles that come from it. Granted, not everyone can make use of all the nice features that USB 3.1 brings, but it’s a start.

RND’s Type-C USB (USB-C) will deliver USB 3.1’s blazing 5Gbps speeds, stream 4K content at 30 fps, and up to a whopping 5 amps of power. Designed for super fast charging delivering maximum charging speeds to your devices. Some of you might not be aware that USB 3.1 over Type-C is future-proof as it’s capable of doing the 20Gbps or more which allows it to compete directly with HDMI 2.0 at 18Gbps.

This cable can also deliver all the video and audio signal you need to a display monitor that is capable of supporting it such as Acer 27″ IPS WQHD Display which I’ll feature once I receive it.

RND’s Type-C cable passed all the required safety and marker identification that it’s supposed to have and was coded correctly. A property which seems to be lacking from most cables such as this one is durability and they’ve covered that with a very robust cable.



  • Colour: Black
  • Length: 6 feet. 1.8 Meter.
  • USB 3.1 Type C (USB C) Male (Reversible)
  • Cable Rating: Maximum data transfer rate up to 5GBit/s, USB 3.1 standard.
  • Supports USB Fast Charging 5V/5A (Extremely Fast Charging)
  • High-quality conductor materials for optimal signal and charging speed for your USB type-c device.
  • Cable diameter: OD 5.5MM
  • Supports Audio
  • Supports 4k content at 30 fps
  • Built to USB-IF Standards by Certified Factory.

Price? Just under $15 with a price tag of $14.99. This is a must have cable for anyone. You’ll notice that the cable doesn’t have the proper identification for the certification, however, after testing was done it was concluded to be compliant. Rating? 4 our of 5 stars.

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