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USB 3.0 Hub by Anker is a GOLD MINE!

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If you’re one of the people on the road, you know how valuable your USB ports are right? The latest and greatest laptops today often include 2 USB port or less and often enough you’ll need more especially  if you live the connected lifestyle.

To solve this issue, Anker USB 3.0 4-Port Hub has made the TOP accessory in a small form factor that should accommodate anyone and everyone. This device provides much-needed USB port relief for any device whether you’re using a laptop, desktop or an OTG cable connected to a smartphone.

Since this USB HUB doesn’t have an external power source, it should be good to note that HIGH power demanding devices such as external disk drive or tablets that demand a higher capacity to charge won’t, however, they will still be able to sync and transfer data.


You’ll be able to reach the needed data transfer speed which can reach upwards of 5Gbps in transfer rate.


I’ve included this in my Teach Gear Bag 2.0 which will be revealed later on and I’m quite happy I did. Yes, this has enabled me to be that guy with all the dongle stuff connected to my device. For $12.89 on Amazon Canada, this was a no-brainer.