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The original PowerCube providing 4 outlet and 2 USB port

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Unknowing to many people, the PowerCube from allocacoc is one of those unique items in design for providing someone with extra power outlets and USB port when in a tight situation. Only weighing in at about 7 ounces this is one of those “throw in your bag items”.

This is one of the latest acquisition of items I’ve come to throw in my bag with me on a regular basis since there’s always a shortage of outlets when going to a coffee shop or anywhere for that matter. When you happen to be living in a major urban area outlets are often scarce.


The 2-USB port each offer 2.1A of power which aren’t a bad thing, however, not the max I could be getting out of them port which could go up to 2.4A. I am however still getting a fast charge out of them. With the added 4 outlets to this bad boy, I know I’ve got enough outlets. The poor lady behind me needed to get plugged in and with four nice seats and only 2 power outlets, she wasn’t going to go far. I think she was quite happy with the fact I offered.


The PowerCube comes in at $23.41 on Amazon Canada, however, if you look up the available ones you may find some on sale for as low as $19.99.

If I had one complaint, it would be the size, I’d love for this to be even more compact.


Technical specifications

Color Cobalt Blue
Voltage 120V
Resettable Fuse Yes
Outlets 4
Grounded Yes
Child proofing Yes
USB Output (V) 2 x 5V
USB Output (A) 2100 mA
Available socket types Type B, E, F, G, I
PowerCube Original 4 Outlets 2 USB cryovex pic 1 PowerCube Original 4 Outlets 2 USB cryovex pic 2