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Using Android on the go between work and home, how much can you really do?

What about remoting into your hosting server somewhere in the world, making a full backup of the data, SQL database and all the needed content because earlier the system crapped out all while walking to the nearest metro station.

I might have lost a few of you there, but in lament terms, a website had issues, the admin logged into it, made a backup locally and remotely all the while he was walking to catch the metro. While doing that, a backup of the database which contains the parameters of the site behaviour is also being backed up.

VPS login ssh screen capture cryovex FTP file browser cryovex

In the process, you rebuild your VPS (Virtual Private Server), re-install the entire operating system, load your ngix module, SQL database, restore all the content, bring the site back online in the matter of an hour. That’s a lot of tech stuff with a lot of big words for people but in short, an Android device is more powerful than the restrictive nature of the iOS model.

PHPmyadmin login Backup SQL database

This is just one example among many others where you don’t need a Mac/PC to complete critical changes to get something back online for a client.

I’ll agree that there’s s whole range of applications out there for all sorts of service, this is the beauty of being a diverse community, just like in real life we have all sorts of people in our lives. Can you imagine being stuck in an environment where everything is the same for everyone? Sure, it works, but it’s boring. I for one would rather be in a world of difference and choices VS being told what I need to work with and that I can’t think of myself.

What else could you possibly achieve? Oh, I know! Stream music, videos, live chat, social media, gaming, some web design and even some pretty good graphic design, which by the way, is more than what iOS can accomplish.

Cloud storage should be used to the fullest of its ability, it saves you time and freak out moments. Photos are backed up, music is backed up, files are backed up and most important you won’t lose your sanity in the process.

We’re being productive, entertained, lose track of time, all in all, I think this is the goal. Ohh I forget, we can also make phone calls.