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Let’s get ready for 1000 followers #GIVEAWAY !!

Whether this is Google+, Twitter or Facebook, once one of my social networks reaches 1000 followers I’ll start rolling out the next #Giveaway for #CanadiansOnly. This is all due to cost sorry folks!

I’m getting ready to launch my next #Giveaway of for all sorts of goodies! What do you think I’ll have in my next package? I have a few ideas of what I’ll be sending out. What I’d like to know if what you’re looking forward to. If I could give out smartphones and tablets I probably would, however, “COST” is what prevents me from doing so. I’m sure a bunch of different accessories can be fun as well. There could be anything from PC accessories, smartphone accessories or other random and interesting gadgets!

Keep a lookout for the next #Giveaway and I’ll be sure to list everything then!

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IT Specialist, Android Blogger, tech reviewer and a gamer with a dash of social media! Located in the heart of Canada's capital: Ottawa.

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