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The Verus High Pro Shield Nexus 6P is a stylish, slim fit, solid case

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The “Verus High Pro Shield” for the Nexus 6P is a stylish, slim fit, solid case! As a consumer who’s conscious about his smartphone, I know what you’re looking for; You want to make sure that if you drop your smartphone that it will protect it from bumps, scratches, and avoid having it fall into pieces. You’re also looking to make sure that it’s stylish and comfortable in your hands. Still with me? Yeah? Then let’s see what else I think.

The Nexus 6P case from Verus Design stands for; Shock-absorbent body with hard side bumpers in a brushed metal finish. Certified Military Grade Drop Protection. Ah! You might just be saying; Whatever! We’ve heard it before. Right? Well, in this case, I may just have to agree with them. This is a solid piece of work.

We will all drop our smartphone at one point or another; Taking it out of our pocket, purses, backpacks, sitting on the floor etc. As much as having a naked smartphone experience, is it really worth it in the end? We are paying well over the $500 mark. Let’s just wrap it, your wallet will thank you for it.


On to the Verus High Pro Shield:

VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex

We have 2 parts to the case; The TPU high grade which is the case that protects your device. The second part is the all around bumper which is a rigid piece that holds everything into place. The protruded part of the case ensures that you can lay your device face down without fear. All ports are well adjusted to allow for your connections to take hold.

VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovexI’m using the case with a charging dock for the Nexus 6P and it charges quite well. I don’t need to remove the case or the bumper. (I will talk about the charging dock for the Nexus 6P in a later post). The USB-C cables can all be used with this case, there’s no need for any modification. The same can be said with the headphone jack. All the ports have been adjusted with ample space.


The side button for the power and the volume rocker have been covered with protruded texturized buttons so that you can still get an awesome feel for the placement of the buttons.

If you had any concerns about the camera, flash, and laser focus, I wouldn’t worry. They’ve thought about allowing all of that to function normally without interference. The same thing can be said for the fingerprint sensor on the back.

I can’t find anything wrong with Verus’s design of the case. This from where I stand looks like the perfect case that any Nexus 6P user should “REALLY” think about getting.

The case goes for $31.49 CAD on Verus Amazon Canada‘s page as it’s not available on their website anymore, however, you can find yourself the same case on their eBay listing as well for cheaper.

VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex
VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex
VRSdesign Verus high pro shield cryovex