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Want more #Giveaways ? I’m already planning the next one!

First #giveaway on Android news and all the bytes has been quite a success, well over 350 participants! ¬†While I’d like for everyone to win, I’ve decided to work on my next offering for giving stuff away!

You’re reading this right! I’m planning to give more stuff away. As much as I’d like to ship this to wherever, the reality is shipping is “CRAZY” so the next contest will also be limited to Canadians Only. You may want to stay tuned all my social media account, website or wherever you can find me. In the meantime, take a look at what I just gave away:

  1. Nu Force BE Sport3 Bluetooth headphone
  2. Jackery Fit 9000 mAh portable battery charger
  3. MPOW 3-1 smartphone lens kit
  4. RND 4.0A car charger for USB and USB-C
  5. Rii K12BT Ultra slim portable Bluetooth Keyboard
  6. Glider Gloves URBAN Small touch
  7. CHOETECH Dual Pack USB-C cables


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