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PC Gaming mouse with a flair E-Blue Mazer TYPE-R 2500 DPI

Picked up a Gaming mouse a few months ago and lately was looking for something different that had just as much flair. This PC gaming mouse is the E-Blue Mazer TYPE-R from Excelvan on Amazon Canada and it’s pretty damn good.

While there’s plenty of gaming mice on the market, there’s always room for a gaming mouse that’s affordable compared to the likes of Logitech.

E-Blue Mazer Type-R Pic5E-Blue Mazer Type-R Pic4E-Blue Mazer Type-R Pic3
E-Blue Mazer Type-R Pic2 Click for larger previewE-Blue Mazer Type-R Pic1

The E-Blue Mazer TYPE-R features a 2500 DPI mode with 4 different toggles between 500/ 1200/ 1800/ 2500. You can switch the mice to different frequencies between 250Hz and 500Hz. Some will say that this makes the world of difference when a fraction of a second can make the difference between winning a game and losing.

There’s a total of 6 buttons which is composed of the left, right, middle wheel mouse, DPI button and the back and forward buttons. From the above pictures, you can note that the LED colour is blue. Playing games makes it a breeze, now I haven’t seen much difference when compared to Logitech G502 gaming mice. So for this review, I give a solid 5 star.

You can find this mouse on Amazon Canada at the low cost of $24.99.