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Carbon fibre skin from Skinit for the Google Pixel

Skinit is a brand that offers custom skins design for smartphone, tablet to your laptop and if you’ve had a chance to use their service, you know they provide solid stuff. While I don’t have a Google Pixel myself, they did provide me with a sample skin to check out and compare to others.

The look, feel, smell really makes it stand out from others on the market when it comes to carbon fibre skins. While you do have a lot to choose from from the likes of dBrand, Slickwrap and others, Skinit is usually my go to place. If you follow me around the internet you also know that I recently gave dbrand a try on my Nexus 6P with one of their carbon fibre. While I enjoy both, I still think Skinit nailed theirs.

It’s easy to apply, remove and reapply if you need to. Almost like windows vinyl decal. You can also clean the skin in the advent you’ve got dust and grime on the back or front of it.

Interested in this skin for your Pixel? You can find everything you need at Skinit for a low cost of $14.99 USD.