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Røde Videomic Go Cryovex Martin Guay Review
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RØDE VideoMicGO is lightweight and perfect for starting video reviews!

This will give me a nice entry-level recording microphone that will sit on top of my Nikon D5300 mounted on a lightweight Targus tripod. Now the next thing I need is one of those easily adjustable ball head that will give me smooth panning when moving around. Next, I need a bracket with a light mount. Amazon Canada has this on sale for $99 CAD at the time of this write-up.

Røde Videomicgo Is Lightweight And Perfect For Starting Video Reviews! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

Rode Videomic Go SetupFor this setup, I’m going to be using my Nikon D5300 with the default lens which supports VR-A and DX 18-55mm. To keep up with the recording in 1080P I’ve added a Sandisk Extreme 64GB. This should allow me to complete decent 10 minutes video. While I want additional things for the setup, I’ve got everything I need for the moment. The additional bracket and light mount will be at a later time.

Rode Videomic Go On A Nikon D5300

With the lightweight VideoMic GO, I’m achieving my goal of keeping myself still portable.

I wanted a quality sound to be recorded from the camera and the on-mic that most DSLR have wouldn’t have done the job I wanted. The other option would have been to do a dub and sync the video to the audio. That to me sounded like more trouble than what it’s worth.

A few test of the recording and I’m satisfied with my purchase. Now, I didn’t really “purchase” and I also didn’t receive this as a review unit. I took part in a contest and I won a prize! I might be blogging about tech and do giveaways, but I also take part in others as well.

I wanted to let people know that this is a great buy for the price and it’s a great entry-level recording device that can be hooked up directly to your camera.

Røde Videomicgo Is Lightweight And Perfect For Starting Video Reviews! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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