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iPhone 7 isn’t “new tech” – They’re leveraging what others have done and combined it

With the release of the iPhone 7 here’s what you need to know

The iPhone 7 has similarities with many other devices on the market. There hasn’t been any innovation from Apple in years even when Jobs was around. Rather than develop something new, Apple is going for something that’s been tried and true. Grabbing every piece from every manufacturer that’s been working and combining it into the iPhone 7 to make it a top device to be wanted.

They took the best possible body design from HTC/LG, they went after the latest camera module to redefine photography, they decided to go for the high-end sound system taking after Boomsound, they played their hands with the high processors and different modes of processing with the 4 processors which handle different function, they went with the lightning adapter for the audio port as well since it’s the next step in music evolution.

Let’s talk about the Waterproof? This has been initially done with Sony on the Z series and it was tried and true and Apple decided to input that as well. They aren’t crazy, they’re just going to each area that works and made the iPhone 7…

It’s purely strategic and smart.