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Master & Dynamic delivers the ME03 for the mass market to enjoy music again!

After delivering a high-end verdict on the Master & Dynamic MH30 in my previous review for their great work on a what I consider a stunning piece of pure listening enjoyment, M&D approached me to see how far I’d take the experience with the ME03.

This young startup is definitely carving a name for themselves among audio enthusiasts of all age group, delivering quality, design, premium feel and exceeding the expectation set them apart very fast.

Attacking the ME03 with the full force of all the EDM I listen to what right up my alley to see how well they would perform under this challenge. At home listening to some tunes, on the go, at work and who knows where else I could be found listening to some tunes and jamming it up.


The ME03 were engineered to bring in the powerhouse of the MH series into your everyday in-ear headphone. You can expect the same high-end details to the body, the marshmallow cushions, down to the cables and finishes.

Out of the box, you’ll find yourself greeted with a welcome message from M&D, a leather case that houses the headset, a cable clip and the needed fitting for your ears. Need the ability to throw them around and go? You’ll be provided with a velvet like pouch to carry around.

The design work, the craftsmanship in the aluminium body shown all throughout Master & Dynamic designs. This has allowed them to have very lightweight headphones. The impedance on the ME03 is 16 ohms and while testing them out, I was surprised on how they sounded and performed quite well with the various gadgets I have.

Most of my music listening can consist of deep bass, some higher pitched electro funk and a very generous amount of electronic dance music. The ME03 carried themselves very well, the sound was warm and rich. I’ve noticed that music which focused more on the instrumental aspect could sound off or mixed at times. Of course, this could also be attributed to the recording. When listening to music that’s bass focused you could hear the variation in mid bass as it moved to a deeper extension in the sub bass.


I was very pleased with the experience I was getting. Comparing the mid’s of these various songs, they felt a bit more laid back then I would have liked them to be and the note decay was average. While the transition from mid’s and the low’s was decent the transition on the higher end we’re quite nice and smooth. Making this an overall enjoyable experience.Master_Dynamic-Me03_Specs

Anyone that has a need for some decent in-ear headphones and wants to drop the needed money on them should. This should be a must have item for anyone. It will provide everything you need for your listening experience.

Don’t be afraid to open your wallet up for the ME03, they’ll set you back $159 USD and it definitely isn’t going to be everyone’s budget.

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Master &Amp; Dynamic Delivers The Me03 For The Mass Market To Enjoy Music Again! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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