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TopMate laptop cooler pad that actually keeps everything cool!

I haven’t really put thoughts into a laptop cooler pad until I realised that the bottom part of the laptop gets quite hot. I wouldn’t hold it on my lap at that point. All laptops have vents and fan going, but it never seems to be enough to cool everything.

Looking at available options on the market, I decided to give TopMate a try and see how well it performs. It offers 6 cooling fans that are extremely silent, you could barely hear them spinning. The radiator grill base that the laptop sits on makes heat dissipation really good.

There’s more to this cooling pad then simply making sure that your device is running cool. You get 6 LED levels to illuminate the bottom of the grill and you can set the laptop to 5 different levels of height for viewing.

The sturdy plastic frame & aluminium grill provides great support for laptops that are 10″ to 16″ in sizes. I was surprised at how lightweight it is. This can easily be moved to anywhere you need to work. The antislip pad and holder on the frames ensure that when you have your laptop on it that it’s not going to go anywhere.

I’m going to give this a 5/5, I couldn’t find anything bad or things that could be improved. It’s working great and it’s a pretty simple addition to keeping your laptop cool.

Visit Amazon.ca and check it out, the price point for this is at $32.50 CAD.

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