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“Milo” The micro suction cup stand designed to hold your phone and make it look good

My work office is a pretty bland, nothing really of interest beside the desktop computer I use. I need something with a different approach. I wanted to have a bit of flair, style and that looked good just standing there. That’s why I’ve got Milo from Bluelounge on order. This little gizmo not only looks good, feels right, but will hold my phone into place while it’s plugged in. Of course, I could have gone with some aluminium all the while having it bend, get dents and ultimately in a few years; not usable.

I don’t have the product in my hand at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from bragging about it? I’ve done enough reading online about the product that I know what I’m getting and how to maintain it to keep it long lasting. Easy cleaning up the little micro suction cup with some tape to clean them up and make it working like new.

The method that Milo get’s to keep your smartphone in the position you’ve placed it on is simple; The use of micro suction cups is how this little gizmo does it. It’s angled up to have a nice viewing display whether you are in portrait or landscape. If you have texture back or a silicone type backplate, case of sort, they don’t recommend it as it works at its best with a flat back.

You can get yourself Milo for $29.95 + shipping and handling which will set this to $39.45 USD. However, you can have a much better deal on Amazon.ca if you happen to be looking for a cheaper price. I’ve gotten my original Milo from Amazon.ca for $27.19 CAD.

Official sitehttps://www.bluelounge.com/products/milo?variant=6067068869