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Zelotes 7 Button Led Gaming Mouse
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ZELOTES Professional LED Optical 7200 DPI 7 Button USB Wired Gaming Mouse

It was high time that I replaced my Razer mice, it started to randomly do double clicks on a single click and eventually led to doing quadruple clicks on any given item I’d click on. My quest led me to ZELOTES 7 button LED gaming mouse.

Frantically looking for something that would have some power, usefulness and looks shiny, I settled for this ZELOTES gaming mouse. Unlike many other products I test and review, this one I purchased. I wasn’t in the game to spend $50+ on a new mouse and figured I’d take a look at what’s available on the market.

This led me to check Amazon and lucky me I found a wide variety of items. My quest left me with $20.33 out of pocket.

When you connect the mouse to your workstation or laptop, it will cycle through several colours, allowing you to see what it offers. Buy holding what is considered the “FORWARD” button on the side of the mouse the colours will cycle in a pattern and once you land on the colours of your choice, letting go of the button will make this the default.

The toggle DPI at the top of the mouse cycles through a few presets; 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, 7200. Selecting the DPI level you prefer, you can then in your operating system adjust to +/- the performance of the mouse.

Working over the different buttons, I’m playing around with the left and right mouse click to see how well they perform, the depth to which I need to press them to get the desired action. They both work quite well for anything I’ve been throwing at it. The middle scroll wheel offers a nice texture grip while allowing me to scroll like a madman through the various sites I’m doing through.

The side 2 buttons which act as the forward, backwards buttons offer a nice light touch feel while the most further button is a double click option in itself.

The mouse has a natural ergonomic contour which allows you to rest your hand quite comfortably while working or playing video games.

Zelotes 7 Button Gaming Mouse Zelotes 7 Button Gaming Mouse

You can find the exact one I purchased HERE at the cost of $15,99.

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Zelotes Professional Led Optical 7200 Dpi 7 Button Usb Wired Gaming Mouse - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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