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Pokémon Go doodad delayed, Flamingo flaunting new things what else?

Let’s throw in a few things at the same time with Pokémon Go Plus delayed and some Flamingo magic all working together! While Pokémon Go doodad is delayed which is leaving a few people in hysteria over it, we have Flamingo which has now included an option to always show tweet actions and the removal of white space.

Pokémon is a big thing since Ingress and from the same makers, this prompted many things related to Pokémon to just pop all over the place even here in Ottawa. With the delay in the launch of Pokémon Go Plus, there’s been a large number of players complaining about it.

All the while this is happening Flamingo is over here flaunting its new options; The ability to have the tweet actions always displayed on every tweet and the ability to remove that awful white space portion on the left side of each tweet.

While keeping thing interesting, I’ve also been playing with the night mode that Twitter is offering, while I may like that aspect it’s without a few hiccups. The application in night mode suffers jerky moment while scrolling, switching pane, or even missing content when loading.

Let’s see what else this day is offering!

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