Zentree & Fourza are going to make an appearance on Android Coliseum

Have you heard of GELID? They’re the makers of the Zentree & Fourza. These devices serve as a docking station for you to charge all the devices you may have laying around the house. In the next little while the ZentreeĀ & Fourze are going to make an appearance on Android Coliseum.

If you’re in the need of something of the sort, come and check out what I’ve got to say.

With the never ending increase in mobile devices, gadgets and the likes, we need a place where we can simply drop it off and charge it. You can always use one of your power blocks connected to one of the outlets, but wouldn’t it be easier to just have a place where you can connect a whole assortment of devices and not have to mess with all the power blocks you may have around the house?