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Android N is for Nougat which is a french candy?

Android N is for Nougat which is a french candy? I’m french, and I’ve never heard this word until I looked it up. From what I can see this would have been some type of candy and would have been referred as such by grandparents. I know for a fact, that my french grandparents never used that word. Well, french, Quebec that is. Probably more so Parisien french?

It’s official Google dropped the name for Android N and it’s all out for Nougat. It’s a French word for a candy. This is something you would have seen in the 1950’s. Obviously not something that’s currently being used or actively used. Being french, I looked it up because I had no idea.

As for myself, I’ll just refer to this as Android N. Much simply than Nougat…. I’d like to know the reasoning behind selecting that word.

Android N Is For Nougat Which Is A French Candy? - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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