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Google Nexus OTA updates

Google is now providing OTA updates to Nexus users

There you have it, people. Google has officially provided Nexus users with an easy way to download the latest Google Nexus OTA updates for your device. There’s no need to wait or run the web amok in search of those precious updates. This is part of Google’s continuous effort to provide the most up to date security update to it’s Android operating system.

If you aren’t the type that likes to wait around for the OTA to roll out to your Nexus, you may simply head over to Google’s OTA update page and download the latest OTA built for your device. Worried? Don’t be, Google even provides you with the needed tools and a step by step way to flashing the latest OTA without a hitch.

You can head on over to Google’s developer page and checkout the OTA’s yourself.

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